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On many industrial sites, employees must use protective gloves to ensure that they can perform their duties with a proper level of safety. Exposing employees to on-the-job hazards without adequate gear could constitute a violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA), which imposes fines of $12,675 per violation. When it comes to hand protection for your personnel, you should select only high-quality safety work gloves from today's top manufacturers. It’s the best way to effectively safeguard workers against the dangers of sharp objects, hot surfaces, hazardous chemicals, and other common job site threats. 

Clean Coast Supply has over a decade’s worth of experience in providing superior safety gloves to the Texas oil field, construction, and chemical industries. We offer a wide line of protective gloves to meet all of your hand protection needs. Additionally, we are a distributor of an extensive list of manufacturers including Ansell Edmont, Cordova, Ergodyne, MCR, and PIP.

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