Clean Coast Supply has served the Texas, Louisiana, and entire Gulf Coast industrial, construction, and environmental industries for over a decade. As a supplier of a diverse line of manufacturers, we are a leader in the Petro-Chemical industry in safety gear and equipment, environmental supplies, and industrial tools and supplies. We are committed to finding a cost-effective solution to virtually any of your supply needs.

With over 15 years’ experience in delivering high-quality OSHA-compliant industrial safety products to our customers, we are confident in our ability to provide your company with the gear and top-notch service you deserve.

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Brands of Clean Coast Supply

We have high-quality safety equipment from leading brands such as 3M, Cordova, WD-40, and MSA. Our inventory includes the following products:

  • Absorbent pads & rolls – Manufactured by SpillZone, these products are made of specially engineered material that absorbs oil molecules while simultaneously repelling water.
  • Sorbent booms – These absorbent socks and booms are made of hydrophobic polypropylene that can contain even large oil spills.
  • Berms & duck ponds – Durable and chemical-resistant, these secondary containment products are highly effective in containing dangerous spills when placed underneath vehicles, storage tanks, and other equipment.
  • Dispersants & degreasers – These environmentally safe products can remove oil-based stains and/or render spilled chemicals non-flammable by promoting the rapid degradation of hydrocarbons and other pollutants.
  • Spill kits – Each of these wheeled kits comes with an assortment of sorbents to help the user contain an oil-only, Hazmat, or universal spill.
  • Personal protection equipment – Safety goggles, hard hats, ear plugs, Hi-Viz apparel, and more—we have a full range of PPE to meet the needs of today's industrial employees.

This is only a selection from our huge inventory of industrial and environmental supplies. If you need safety products only for short-term use, then you may wish to contact our rental department for a quote. Gas detection, fall protection, and ventilation equipment are all available for rent to our customers.

In addition to our catalog of industrial safety products and environmental clean-up supplies, we offer a variety of training programs that are designed for employees on marine, construction, and other hazardous sites. We have programs that cover HAZWOPER, First Aid, forklift, and confined space training, to mention just a few of our courses.